Many times people think ornamental fences are only good for bordering gardens or providing an accent to their front yards. However, ornamental vinyl fences are actually very versatile and can be used in many ways, including as pet enclosures, pool fences, or even a full backyard fence. If you’re considering a vinyl fence for your home, an ornamental fence might be just what you’re looking for.

Choosing the Right Ornamental Fence

Ornamental fence might sound flimsy – after all, it’s just “ornamental,” right? Wrong! In fact, ornamental fence is just as strong and durable as any of our other vinyl fences. It can stand up to years of use, even in harsh weather and strong sun. And just like our other vinyl fences, an ornamental fence won’t fade, stain, or become brittle over time.

However, there are a few things you’ll want to think about when you’re considering an ornamental fence, such as:

What You Will Use it For

Unlike privacy fence, which is mostly used to enclose your yard or property, an ornamental fence has many possible uses. Choosing the right ornamental fence depends on what you want to do with it. If you want a fence to keep pets and children in your yard or out of your pool, you will need to choose a fence at least several feet tall and with closely-spaced pickets. In contrast, a decorative garden fence can be very low and have a variety of designs.

What Design You Want

If you’re considering an ornamental fence, aesthetics are probably important to you. Ornamental vinyl fences come in a wide range of designs, but they aren’t all suited to every project. Make sure you consider what design you want, and also think about whether it will work for your intended goal. If you aren’t sure what kind of design to choose, you can walk around your neighborhood and look at your neighbors’ fences for ideas.

Where It Will Go

Another very important thing to consider for an ornamental fence is where on your property it will go and what it will interact with. For instance, a pool fence needs to be strong and tall enough to keep children and animals out – but it also needs to match with the decor of the rest of your yard, and it needs to be equipped with gates to allow access. In contrast, a fence on your property line can vary more in height and design – but it will also need to be a good barrier between you and your neighbor.

What Your Budget Allows

Finally, you’ll need to think about what styles and designs your budget allows. Different heights and styles of fence come with different prices, and you will need to make sure your budget is sufficient to get the fence of your dreams. One benefit of using vinyl fence is that it costs less over time than comparable wood fence, since it doesn’t require any additional maintenance or upkeep once it is installed. Wood fences – especially ones installed around pools and gardens – are often damaged by chemicals such as pool treatments and fertilizers. They also require you to stain and seal them regularly, which could damage the fence’s surroundings. In contrast, vinyl fence is maintenance-free and doesn’t require any special care or treatment.

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