No matter what time of the year it is, it’s never the wrong time to plan improvements to your home or yard. To give you some ideas for great, simple outdoor improvements that you can make to your home, we at Future Outdoors have compiled a list of the best outdoor features that add visual interest and functionality. Read on to find some great inspiration for your own backyard!

Add a Deck or Patio

Decks and patios are a great addition to almost any home. They can be made in virtually any style, and are only limited by your imagination (and your budget!). Depending on the style of your house, you may want to go with a raised wooden or vinyl deck, or a stone or tile patio that lies flush with the ground. Either way, a patio or deck is a great way to add a functional outdoor space to your house that also makes it more attractive to the eye.

 Put Up a Pergola


Pergolas are an increasingly popular outdoor addition to many homes.Their simple looks and clean lines make them perfect for almost any style of home, and they look great in gardens, under trees, or alongside the house itself. They can also be trimmed with lattice for additional sun protection and to promote the growth of vines. Pergolas come in wood or durable vinyl, and there are many sizes and designs available.

Plant a Flower Bed or Garden


Green spaces give your backyard color and allow for a lot of potential variety. You can use them for flowers, shrubs, ornaments, and even growing fruits or vegetables. Plus, a well-landscaped garden or flower bed gives your yard extra structure. Flower beds can be raised from the ground or flush, and can be bordered with wood, stone, or any other durable material. You can be very creative with the planning of a flower bed or small garden – just make sure it complements, rather than stands out from, the rest of your yard.

Place a Water Feature


A small pond, waterfall, or other water feature is a lovely addition to the right home. While it may not look right on every property, with enough space and planning you can make a water feature the centerpiece of your yard. However, they are also big projects that require a lot of expertise. Don’t think you can just go out and dig a hole in the ground – you’ll be better off if you do some research and find a qualified professional.


All of these projects can add visual appeal to your home and backyard, and they make great focal points in an otherwise plain space. Don’t be afraid to get creative, and if you have any questions you’re always welcome to talk to us at Future Outdoors! We’re the number one vinyl fencing and shade structure contractor in the Dallas metro, and we can help you get your backyard just the way you want it. Follow us on Facebook for more inspiration and great ideas!